Federal Micro and Small Enterprise Development Agency, Ethiopia

The Federal Micro and Small Enterprises Development Agency (FeMSEDA) was established by the proclamation No. 33/1998 as amended by proclamation No. 104/2004 of the Council of Ministers with the objective to encourage, coordinate and assist institutions that provide support to the development and expansion of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in Ethiopia.

Nature of Work

Its major duties lies in Assisting, Encouraging and Supporting Regional Micro and Small Enterprise Development Agencies (ReMSEDA) and other intermediary institution working for the development of the sector, other duties are:-

1. Proposes policies and strategies for the MSEs development,
2. Conducts appropriate demand-based training of trainers (ToT),
3. Undertakes (in coordination with relevant research institutions) technological research and development activities,     
4. Encourages and supports the establishment of skill up-grading, technical and demonstration  centers in different regions,    
5. Prepares and disseminates technology and project profiles by selecting appropriate technologies for the development of MSEs,    
6. Collects, complies and disseminates relevant Marketing Information,  
7. Organizes and coordinates trade exhibition relevant to the sector,    
8. Provides every assistance to those regions that are not capable of delivering support to MSEs, until they develop such a capacity,    
9. Establishes a coordinated working relationship with regional organs, regional agencies which are uder establishment and the private sector with respect to the development of MSEs,   
10. Promotes the concept of total quality management and subcontracting arrangements,    
11. Promotes the importance of networking and exchange of information