The National Women Entrepreneur Council, The Republic of Mauritius

The National Women Entrepreneur Council (NWEC) is a parastatal body which operates under the aegis of this Ministry. It`s mission statement is to act as a facilitator and as a driving force in the promotion of women entrepreneurs in both Mauritius and Rodrigues

The main objectives of the Council are:

  • To establish and maintain effective communication between the Council and WomenEntrepreneurs Organisations
  • To ensure coordination of activities of women entrepreneurs associations
  • To establish training programmes, aimed at improving the skills and management aptitudes of women entrepreneurs
  • To develop working links and affiliation with other bodies whether in Mauritius or  abroad,having same objectives.
Nature of Work

In order to promote economic independence of women and encourage the development and growth of women entrepreneurs, the following services are offered by the Council:

A Market Centre has been set up at Quatre

  • Information
  • Counselling
  • International linkage development
  • Micro-projects
  • Training and marketing
  • Organizing exhibitions
  • Fairs

Bornes to help women for the marketing of their products. The Market Centre functions under the NWEC and is used on a rotating basis by women entrepreneurs for the sale of their products and establishing trade links. The women entrepreneurs are also given advice on quality improvement of their products. Similarly, a  shop known as `Les Artisanes` has been set up at Grand Bay to accommodate the products of about 175 women entrepreneurs from Mauritius and Rodrigues. The aim is to improve marketing strategies which gears towards a more competitive market and value added products.