Ministry of Industry of Syrian Arab Republic, Syria

The Ministry of Industry was first founded by Act No 212 for the year 1958.

Nature of Work

  1. Proposing industrial development project drafts based on studies conducted on this purpose.
  2. Drafting development policies for the various industrial sectors in line with domestic demand and export potentials.
  3. Involving private and compound sectors to take part in achieving the goals of the government.
  4. Marketing and exporting MOI affiliated organizations and companies products to help develop national industry and national economy, and representing the country in national negotiations with this aim.
  5. Coordinating the collaboration between the public and private sectors and other industrial sectors.
  6. Following up with the part related to MOI in the economic plan of the country.
  7. Participating in domestic and foreign fairs and exhibitions.
  8. Setting standards for national products and conformity inspection.
  9. Supervising Chambers of Industry.
  10. Promoting handicrafts.