Basotho Enterprises Development Corporation, Lesotho

Basotho Enterprises Development Corporation (BEDCO) is a parastatal of the Lesotho Government. It started its operations in 1975 as the subsidiary company of Lesotho National Developments Corporation (LNDC).
It was established as a parastatal in 1980 by an ACT of Parliament, ACT NO.9 of 1980 as amended.

Nature of Work

"The purpose of the corporation is to assist in the establishment and developments of Basotho-owned business enterprises with particular emphasis on the promotion of indigenous entrepreneurial skills."

BEDCO assists the small scale enterprises in the following fields:

  • Enterprise establishment and development
  • Technical and business management training to entrepreneurs and trainees in the various programmes.
  • Counseling assistance to entrepreneurs in all managerial skills
  • providing entrepreneurs with technical know-how for quality control, design and marketing products.
  • Providing advisory service to entrepreneurs.
  • Provision of workspace by means of renting work units at subsidized rental rates in all estates.
  • Providing "common workshop" facility where industrialists can hire machinery and get assistance at reasonable charges.
  • Providing a huge timber yard where wood material and accessories can be bought at reasonable prices
  • Running a "production workshop" that can be visited by entrepreneurs to get knowledge of modern furniture production and to promote furniture made by Basotho.