Uganda Small Scale Industries Association

USSIA is a registered voluntary Membership Non Government Organization formed in 1979 with an aim of creating a forum and structures for supporting and enhancing growth in the small scale industrial sector of Uganda. USSIA is a grass root based organization with offices in 25 districts countrywide mainly in the southern central, eastern and western regions.

Vision: To be the leading institution in promoting the development of SSIs at grass root level in Uganda.

Mission: “The promotion of the small scale industries sector is a back born and prime engine of economic growth in Uganda”

Objective: The over all objective of the organization is to mobilize and organize small scale industrialists into a self help initiative, a strategy towards enhancing their

productivity, competitiveness, quality management, the sharing of knowledge and information on markets, technology and innovations as well as building their capacity to:

 1. Lobby for supportive policies that foster the survival and growth of the SSI sector

 2. Lobby for training opportunities within and outside Uganda to enhance their skills

 3. To provide business and technical skills and advice for growth among them selves

 4. To promote the marketing of locally produced industrial products

 5. To build linkages between and among themselves and with large industries within Uganda and abroad

 6. To inform, educate, influence as well as advise government on issues that may hinder the growth and development of SSIs in Uganda.