Social Fund for Development (SFD), Egypt

Since the establishment of SFD in 1991   it has played different roles at the development arenas of Egypt   and pioneered in most. Initially   it was designed as a social safety net associated with the government of Egypt  s agreement to undertake its extensive Economic Reform and Structural Adjustment Program (ERASP). Therefore   the Fund was considered essential to the actual success of the reform program. Serving as a vanguard of economic empowerment   quality human resources   and an enabling environment for human development   SFD has successfully developed into a full  fledged organization with a new development perspective   it consolidates mechanisms for better understanding of the impact of globalization and mobilizes efforts to minimize risks of social exclusion   help alleviate poverty and combat unemployment. In this capacity   it creates employment opportunities for start up entrepreneurs and provides them with credit   technical assistance   skills   and technological know how both Egyptian and international.

Major Axes of SFD Activities

SFD operates according to several major axes based on   

  • Developing and financing small enterprises serving as feeding industries to medium and large enterprises in all governorates with a view to creating permanent and stable job opportunities   
  • Encouraging micro enterprises to improve income and ameliorate living standards in Egyptian villages and hamlets
  • Creating the climate appropriate for supporting human/community development/public works enterprises
  • Promoting self employment and entrepreneurial culture   and Providing an integrated package of financial/non  financial services for small/micro enterprises.