Tobago House of Assembly, Divison of Finance and Enterprise Development , Trinidad and Tobago

MISSION: To manage and safeguard all finances of the Tobago House of Assembly, through effective and efficient planning, implementation, auditing and enforcement functions in accordance with existing legislation to the benefit of the Tobago House of Assembly and all residents of Tobago.

The Division is committed to ensuring that the financial business of the Assembly is conducted with professional integrity and responsibility, and that the public funds of the Tobago House of Assembly, are properly safeguarded and are applied only for the purposes intended by Parliament and properly reflected in the Accounts of the Tobago House of Assembly.

The Division comprises the Finance and Enterprise Departments.

The Finance Department
The Finance Department can be further subdivided into Budgets are responsible for disbursing funds allocated and released by the Ministry of Finance to the Tobago House of Assembly; Customs and Excise facilitates trade, collects revenue to the State and combats smuggling; Inland Revenue collects revenue and taxes on behalf of the Assembly; District Revenue Services collects Land and Building Taxes; Internal Audit conducts independent appraisal of existing systems and controls within the various Divisions of the Tobago House of Assembly; Data Processing provides Payroll services to all Departments of the Tobago House of Assembly; Accounting Unit.

The Enterprise Department
The Enterprise Department is an amalgamation of the Cooperative Unit, the Consumer Affairs Unit and the Business Development Unit. Its mission is “fostering successful business activity in Tobago”. This is being achieved through, expansion and efficiency in the growth of the small and micro enterprise sectors, the strengthening of the cooperative Credit Union sector and the development of Consumer awareness among all residents of Tobago.